Women in Construction Week Employee Spotlight: Priyanka Kansal

Hosted by the National Association of Women in Construction, Women in Construction is March 7-13, 2021. The focus

of the observance is to highlight women in the construction industry, raise awareness of the opportunities available for women in the construction industry, and emphasize the growing role of women in the industry. In recognition of Women in Construction Week, it’s our honor to introduce you to a few of the women making it happen at PWI Construction.

Women in Construction Spotlight: Meet Priyanka

Located at our Texas office, Priyanka is Sr. Estimator at PWI Construction and has been in construction for 17 years. We sat down with Priyanka to learn more about how she got into construction and her experience in the field.

What got you interested in a career in construction? What do you enjoy most about the construction field?

My first job introduced me to the construction sector. I quickly learned that the construction field offered many exciting opportunities and challenges. I continued that career path since then. As an Estimator, I enjoy looking at 2D drawings and visualizing plans. The most exciting part of my job is seeing the final outcome once it’s built and knowing I helped play a role in the project’s success.

What’s your favorite construction-career-related memory?

I have so many wonderful memories. One, in particular, comes from my involvement with the Externship Program for Educators, a program in partnership with the Round Rock Chamber and Round Rock Independent School District that gives teachers, counselors, and administrators the chance to spend a week shadowing businesses and organizational personnel. I hosted a math teacher for a week where they shadowed me on the job. I was able to showcase the importance of math in construction, especially within the Estimating role, and how it translates on-the-job. This experience helped the teacher gain insights that they can integrate into their teaching plans which better prepares students for future careers. It was a great experience being able to have a direct impact on future professionals. 

What advice do you have for other women interested in construction?

I am happy to see more and more women entering the construction workforce on all levels. I truly believe nothing is off-limits if you have the passion for it.

Why is construction a great career field for women to pursue?

A career in construction is all about talent and skilled workers. There is a high demand as well. Women are a perfect fit. There are funding and scholarship opportunities available for women interested in pursuing a career in construction. I recommend taking advantage of these programs. Plus, working in the trades bring a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as you can see the completion of high-quality work. 

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