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#PWIPET Spotlight: Meet Movado

PWI Construction Safety & Operations Coordinator Natasha De Carvalho has a new furry friend. Just seven months ago, Movado came into Natasha’s life. Learn more about their story. 


Miniature Bull Terrier

Where did you find her? 

Henderson Animal Shelter

How’d you come up with her name? 

We have a Bull Terrier named Rolex. To match Rolex, we decided to name our dogs after watches because they “watch over us.”

Favorite pastime or activity to do together? 

We get our cardio/workout together around our neighborhood. Movado is full of energy being that she’s only 17 months old. She can walk/run for miles none stop!

Who’s her celebrity look alike? 

A small version of Spuds MacKenzie, Chico, and Bullseye.

Her special talents or tricks? 

She hops like a little goat. Being a miniature, she only stands about 12 inches tall, but she can easily jump 6 feet in the air.

How has she made a positive difference in your life? 

Movado has been a special dog since day one. She spent the first 11 months of her life abused and used for the sale of her puppies. Yes, puppies before the age of one. Because she was badly abused, the shelter requested that we bring Rolex to meet her before adopting. That same day we took Rolex to meet her and the two became inseparable. In February, I went through a major surgery and was on bedrest for two weeks. Movado helped me a lot through that time by keeping Rolex occupied. Movado still needs special care with medications and psychological training, but that’s all easy being that she’s very loving and shows her appreciation every day.

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