Marc Ferguson

Executive Vice President

Favorite Pie: Cherry

Marc Ferguson has been at PWI Construction since the beginning and has more than 35 years of professional experience in construction. He started his career as an estimator, which equips him with a well-rounded understanding of the entire construction process – from technical to conceptual, he has the knowledge.

Most of all, Marc has great enthusiasm for his life's work. He loves working with people, loves the projects that PWI Construction brings to life, and loves to see the lifestyle spaces they construct being enjoyed by people. His greatest professional joy is seeing an occupied hotel space, restaurant or any PWI-built venue filled with people.

Marc is a member of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and the Retail Contractors Association (RCA). In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 35 years, Mary, and his family, as well as hiking, biking and skiing.

“I am always looking for solutions in a problem-plagued industry. I keep a solution-oriented focus.”