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#PWIPet Spotlight: Meet Princess Leia

PWI Construction Estimator AJ Whitesides has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Star Wars and a healthy obsession with his Pit Bull Terrier, Princess Leia. Learn more about their story: 

How long have you had her? 

5 years.

How’d you come up with her name? 

Princess Leia came from my love of Star Wars.

Favorite pastime or activity to do together? 

Princess Leia is an extremely smart dog and very intuitive to people’s companionship needs. She loves hanging out with people and does well with kids. She loves playing Tug of War and wrestling.

How has she made a positive difference in your life? 

She keeps me company in the evenings my kids are staying at their mother’s house. She’s part of the family.

Where did you find her? 

A friend of mine found her and one other dog abandoned near a shopping center and when he took them to a shelter they couldn’t take them and asked if he could foster the dogs until they could find homes for them. The moment we met her we knew she had to come with us.

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