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#PWIPET Spotlight: Meet Bush

PWI Construction Director James Reigle is Bush’s human. Bush and James came together three years ago. Learn more about their story:

How’d you come up with his name? 

When I was stationed in Washington DC and out for a jog, I noticed a marble plaque in the corner of a building built in the mid-1800’s. I was curious to see what it said and was surprised when I read it. Basically, it was a dedication to a dog who must have been very much loved by the Fire House that adopted him. I thought to myself that I’d name one of my future dogs after this guy.

Favorite pastime or activity to do together? 

Stand up paddle boarding

Celebrity look alike? 

Bush is a local celebrity (at least on the popular river he is on nearly every day).

His special talents or tricks? 

Bush is extremely chill and will do anything you ask of him… except get in a bathtub.

How has he made a positive difference in your life?

I had just lost a 13-year-old Chocolate Lab to age, Bush helped fill a very big void… big time.


Australian Cattle Dog, otherwise known as a Blue Heeler

Where did you find him/her?

Bush is a rescue. He was found wandering in the Kansas countryside. My father, a volunteer at the local animal shelter, called me and simply said “I found a Reigle dog and you need to take him” that was enough for me.

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