Mauricio Bustos

Sr. Director, Client Experience

Favorite Pie: Apple Crumb Pie

Mauricio joined PWI Construction in 2006. As a natural-born motivator and visionary, he works for our team members and our clients and ensures his time is always free for them.

That's why, even as a Senior Director, he puts people first by keeping a fluid schedule to accommodate everyone's needs. He truly believes that without our people, we don't have a business.

And while he finds the construction process interesting, the most rewarding part of his job is seeing PWI Construction's clients happy and grateful that they've partnered with us.

Mauricio is a member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and has been recognized by various Las Vegas organizations throughout his career.

  • Vegas, Inc. Magazine 40 Under 40 (2018)
  • MyVegas Magazine 40 Under 40 (2019)
  • MyVegas Magazine Top 100 Men of Success (2019; 2020)

In his spare time, this sports fan enjoys the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the Texas Longhorns, and spending time with his wife Katie and kids traveling to Montana and Texas.

“I love our people, both our team members and our clients. Being able to see our clients happy and grateful that they partnered with us after a successful project is the ultimate reward.”

Pet Profiles

George Profile Image


Breed:Black Labrador
Favorite Treat:George, like his little sister Winnie, loves ALL TREATS
Favorite place to visit:He loves CJ Schramm when he comes over to play ball with him
Special talents:George was trained professionally and out of the four is a true gentleman when it comes to abiding commands

George is a true goofball and full of energy. He thinks he is a small dog that weighs 90 lbs.

Grace Profile Image


Favorite Treat:Grace loves soft chew treats
Favorite place to visit:Grace loves to be around Katie 24/7 she doesn’t really care where she goes as long as she is next to Katie
Special talents:Farting. Grace can clear a room with her stinky butt. She also makes anyone smile with her loving nature.

Grace is a true sweetheart. She loves everyone but especially Katie. Her favorite pastime is sunbathing.

Wimberly Profile Image


Breed:Mini Australian Shepherd
Favorite Treat:Having Katie’s undivided attention
Favorite place to visit:Like her older sister Grace, it doesn’t matter where she goes as long as she can be by Katie.
Special talents:She can unlock her kennel door without any training. The first time we thought she got out because the kids forgot to latch the gate, then we started to see it was a common occurrence so we then checked our cameras and caught her unlocking the gate and getting out.

From what Katie always says, she is a true Aussie. She is extremely intelligent and is obsessed with Katie. She loves the kids and is always trying to herd them, it’s rather comical.

Winnie Profile Image


Breed:Mini Australian Shepherd
Favorite Treat:Like her brother George, she loves all types of food.
Favorite place to visit:She enjoys one on one time with her human dad and thoroughly enjoys running errands but only when it’s just her and I.
Special talents:She can bury herself in a pile of pillows and hide for long periods of time.

She is a chubby bunny who is a very lovable girl. She truly has a very special place in my heart as she was not the original dog we were going to pick up but Katie talked me in last minute to take her with Wimberley (her sister) so they could stay together. It was one of the best decisions of our life.

Help Our Friends

At PWI Construction, we consider pets to be members of our family. Loyal, devoted and loving, they mean the world to us and that's why we support pet rescues and adoption organizations. There are so many homeless pets looking for their forever homes; it's our honor to work with leading organizations to help facilitate these connections.

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