Jeff Price


Favorite Pie: Cherry

Jeff Price founded PWI Construction in 1985 because he knew there was a better way to do construction projects. Over the years, as the company has grown and diversified, it's the people at PWI Construction who've kept him going and motivated. Jeff enjoys being a part of the employees' lives and hearing what's going on with them. He also works to ensure they are being challenged and motivated in the workplace.

As President, his days are occupied with a variety of tasks, including check-ins with the executive management team, new business discussions, ongoing project oversight – and, maybe most importantly, calling employees to wish them a happy birthday. 

In his spare time, Jeff can be found exercising and reading business books, as well as spending time with his dogs Tuff and Rio, Australian Shepherds, at the dog park. 

“My number one goal is to make a difference in people's lives.”

Pet Profiles

Tuff Profile Image


Breed:Australian Shepherd
Favorite Treat:Pumpkin Biscuit
Favorite place to visit:Dog Park
Special talents:Cuddling

Rio Profile Image


Breed:Australian Shepherd
Favorite Treat:Coconut Yogurt
Favorite place to visit:Dog Park
Special talents:Rio is a national champion show dog

Help Our Friends

At PWI Construction, we consider pets to be members of our family. Loyal, devoted and loving, they mean the world to us and that's why we support pet rescues and adoption organizations. There are so many homeless pets looking for their forever homes; it's our honor to work with leading organizations to help facilitate these connections.

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